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The Roshem team provides strategic communications, purpose-driven marketing, impact management and business development solutions. Our firm manages strategy for impact investors, sustainable businesses, cannabis innovators, ventures we have invested in and organizations we have partnered with.

Why Develop a Mission-Driven Communications Strategy

Alongside mission and core values, a communications strategy guides an entire company’s development, and that of its stakeholders – to strengthen public marketing efforts. It sets the tone and direction so that all communications efforts, products and materials work in harmony to achieve the desired outcomes, both financial and impact-related. Strategic initiatives and materials, such as downloadable guides and impactful thought leadership content, are more likely to promote genuine improvement and benefit that is financial and beyond. A communications strategy also enables all stakeholders and partners to provide input and agree upon the best way to forward so that actions can become more cohesive as part of an inclusive business model.

For mission-driven communications to be effective, an entire team must be involved in order to reach a solid understanding of all the factors that may influence communication efforts, solutions, data and impact.

The Benefits of Content-Driven Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy: a commitment to leverage content to reach and engage with the audiences that are important to your business, including customers, media, investors, employees, suppliers and many more stakeholders.

“Strategy is about competing to be unique” – Michael Porter, Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School

Creating dynamic content means to give first before you receive, to educate before you sell. It represents an understanding that consumers are intelligent, discerning people who are going to choose your products or services only if you showcase the unique value you offer and not because you claim to be “the best” or your fancy advertising made big promises. Our tech-savvy world, especially the Millennial and Gen-Z audience, is seeking products and services that solve problems for both their customers and the society and environment impacted by the businesses that provide them.

You can utilise strategies such as Creating Shared Value and Blue Ocean Strategy, develop and actualize ESG policies, and incorporating impact metrics to measure your outcomes. Competitive strategy must be unique, and difficult if not impossible to duplicate. Should it be copied or imitated it is no longer considered competitive advantage.

With a solid competitive advantage, your business can generate increased returns on capital and become more attractive to investors, venture capitalists and generally increase its access to capital, especially innovative finance structures. You can also go the way of the “Lean Startup” and obtain feedback from customers as you go – thereby changing your product or service offerings and minimising costs and need for up-front capital. Starting with an MVP (Minimum-Viable Product) requires more time, planning, surveying of your key customers. Although if you choose the Lean Startup route, you can drive your business forward with your own team and resources, and thereby lessen your reliance on equity-based capital sources.

Why Companies Need Competitive Strategy

A competitive advantage is an attribute that allows your products and services be seen for their uniqueness and maximize on your “blue ocean” space. It is about differentiating your specific product, service and culture significantly enough to genuinely connect with and motivate your audience. It generates value for business and its shareholders, while also leaving the door open to consider all stakeholders and the wider impact of the company. You can utilise strategies such as Creating Shared Value and Blue Ocean Strategy, develop and actualize ESG policies, and incorporating impact metrics to measure your outcomes. Competitive strategy must be unique, and difficult if not impossible to duplicate. Should it be copied or imitated it is no longer considered competitive advantage.

Why Your Business Needs a Brand Identity

Brand identity is not just your logo, your colour palette or infographic style. It is the entire outward expression of your brand, including its social voice, aligned values, communications strategy, visual appearance and trademarks. It is the total sum of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to its customers. For your brand to succeed and thrive in the future, you need to build a brand identity that accurately conveys your essence and is flexible enough to evolve with time.
The importance of social enterprise cannot be overemphasized. In order to improve and maintain the wellbeing of our local and global communities, we need to utilize the brilliance of our generation to bring about business-based solutions to our greatest challenges. Social enterprise is the catalyst that can support the resolution of world issues such as poverty and pollution with the highest level of efficiency. Social enterprise and strategies such as Creating Shared Value utilize business experience, financial management and results-tracking and more expertise from the business world to achieve charitable, socially and environmentally-beneficial goals.

Social Enterprise in the Modern World

Web Design & Development

Grow your business and fuel its success by creating a website that will represent your values, goals and ideas to your ideal audience. Take this process further by transforming visitors into community members. We specialize in WordPress site development, and provide reliable hosting and infosecurity resources. We can support you in building your own social network and protecting user privacy according to modern trends such as those advocated for by the Own Your Data Foundation.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content to generate more relevant traffic to your website, more meaningful engagement, and thereby increase your online presence. We provide solutions for your business that are aligned with the most recent data and best practices.


We can take your paid advertising to the next level by including messaging about the solutions you provide for the relevant global challenges of our age. Being solution-driven is a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase conversions. We will support you in ensuring that your paid advertising is performing as it should be. Our team works diligently to create customer profiles, study their likes and dislikes, and engage with them on the issues they care about. The campaigns we create and manage are all about authentic connection.