Meet Russell Shor

Russell Shor, in his 40 plus years of experience in gemstone industry has visited and reported from major gemstone and diamond production areas around the world. Authored white papers on key emerging consumer markets for gemstones in due diligence planning. Been a consultant for International strategies from production to consumer markets. Authored reports that explain and analyze challenges facing diamond and gemstone issues for the industry and consumers as well as analyze various segments of diamond and gemstone industry in GIA’s scientific journal. Been a spokesperson at GIA for economic, social and other issues affecting diamond, gemstone, cultured pearl industries.

Our Approach

Our work with Russell Shor started with collaboratively choosing a design direction and outlining key functionality for his consulting website. Russell Shor provided a range of images from his extensive work history, and his written content was impeccable as he is a world-renowned writer and editor in his field. Our work was aimed at highlighting the most significant milestones across his career, and integrating his current blogs in an engaging way.

We are involved in website updates, maintenance and improvements daily and constantly looking for opportunities to make the Russell Shor website more relevant for his audience and increase interest in his consulting offerings.

Solutions Realized

Web Design

Our design process focused on combining a fresh and modern look with imagery that is representative of Russell Shor’s expertise and extensive achievements across the diamond and gemstone industry. We aimed for a streamlined user experience that simply and easily leads viewers through Russell Shor’s narrative and recent articles.

Web Development

The Russell Shor consulting website was developed on the WordPress platform following industry best practices. We utilized a premium theme and custom coding.


No matter the devices, no matter the screen resolution, the Russell Shor website is fully responsive and optimized for all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. His audience enjoys interacting with one design across all devices.


The Roshem Client Experience

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Russell Shor