Eco Retreats

We’ve partnered with Margaret Rose to develop the online presence of her authentic, back-to-nature retreat intended to rejuvenate weary bodies, minds and souls, while nurturing a growing community of people seeking to live more consciously. The retreat’s beautiful yurts secluded in a hidden valley offer everything you love about the idea of glamping but with a unique peace and seclusion hard to find at other glampsites.

We’re Working On

Solutions Realized

Web Development

The EcoRetreats website was developed on the WordPress platform following industry best practices. We utilized a premium theme and all custom coding for the Guest Book, Booking Features, TripAdvisor and Facebook Reviews, and many more unique features.


No matter what devices, no matter which screen resolution. The EcoRetreats website is fully responsive and optimized for all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Their audience enjoys interacting with one design on all devices.


We worked with Margaret Rose to create a marketing strategy focused on engaging her online community. We created and advised on campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, while associating social media posts to blogs about conscious living, sustainability, natural recipes, yoga, inspired living and so much more.


We implemented Search Engine Optimization to ensure that EcoRetreats online content is relevant to the most recent algorithms and user searchers. We worked to ensure that relevant traffic was attracted to this website and increased the retreat center’s online presence.