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We developed a member-only secure digital platform facilitating a curated and intelligent discussion around relevant and timely trends and developments within the global wholesale cannabis and hemp markets. The platform is focused on business intelligence, impact, and sustainable development. CMTREX Global connects market participants and stakeholders to each other and to timely intelligence in a safe and intuitive digital environment. Take a seat at the table with the cannabis and hemp trading market’s most influential players and thought leaders as this market emerges.

The Project

We worked with the CMTREX executive team, based in Israel, to develop the concept for CMTREX Global, alongside our impact measurement and management team at Roshem Impact. CMTREX led the vision related to business intelligence and trading insights, forum and group functionality, and the goals of their digital community platform. The Roshem Impact team developed the community investment, regenerative agriculture, and stakeholder engagement plans, along with outlining specific and verifiable impact outcomes to be realized by the initiative. Our team designed the digital platform, user experience, and built the functionality utilizing a combination of established solutions and custom coding. We also implemented a range of elements such as demo scheduling, a business directory, resource databases and document sharing, and many more features.

We are involved with ongoing daily updates, maintenance and improvements. Our team is constantly looking for opportunities to continuously improve the CMTREX Global digital environment for members and improve their outcomes in partnership with Roshem Impact.

Solutions Realized

Web Design

The design process started with CMTREX Global’s focus on innovation, impact and sustainability across the hemp and cannabis business landscape. We chose a streamlined, modern and professional design direction to highlight the platform’s content and feature their community members. Resource and business profile sections were designed with a view to merge the corporate and natural worlds in a way that is seamless and interactive.

Web Development

The CMTREX Global online community was developed following industry best practices, and utilizing the newest and most relevant add-ons and integrations. We custom-coded the design and functionality, member directory, business profiles and many more unique features.

Responsive design

No matter what devices, no matter which screen resolution. The CMTREX Global community is fully responsive and optimized for all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Their members enjoy interacting with one design on all devices.


We worked with the Roshem Impact team to create a marketing strategy focused on the genuine, verifiable economic, social and environmental impact realized by CMTREX and their members. Together, we created and advised on campaigns, while associating social media posts to the CMTREX story from the initial launch of their trading platform, their experience at the World Economic Forum, stakeholder engagement initiatives, and their focus on sustainable development alongside impact measurement and management.


Our team edited web and print copy for CMTREX Global with a view to increase content relevance as part of a Search Engine Optimization process. We worked with Roshem Impact to adapt inclusive business reports, impact finance, scaling impact, impact measurement and management, trading and business insights to technological requirements and search engine algorithms.

Build Your Online Community

We provide solutions for businesses that seek to privatize the growth and management of their online communities. Offer resources and insights to your members while protecting and their data, or provide a private project management and support platform for your clients or customers. We look forward to working collaboratively with you to add value to your audience.


The Roshem Client Experience

Overall, the Roshem team is very professional and we definitely have referred their services to several business contacts globally. As recommended by their team we have re-articulated and enhanced our company strategy to focus on impact. We’re particularly fond of their support services related to the B Impact Assessment and certification process, and their marketing strategy support that focuses on verified positive economic, social and environmental benefit.
Saul Singer